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LiquidHub Accelerates Growth With Acquisition of Two Salesforce Partners
Company Expands Digital Customer Engagement Services and Continues Geographic Growth in United…

Pardot vs. HubSpot – A Marketer’s Experience

Marketing automation software has rapidly become the “other half” of many businesses’ core enterprise customer relationship management solutions, complimenting and integrating with CRM.

Unlike the market for enterprise CRM, in which there is a wide range of opinion about the perceived…

WordPress to Salesforce Web Form Options

Primarily a blogging platform in its early days, WordPress now is used by millions of organizations to host their entire website. Based on the number of Salesforce customers, it’s likely that there are tens of thousands of Salesforce customers also using WordPress as their website hosting…

A Quick Guide To HubSpot Lead Scoring

It seems that with each passing week, HubSpot is adding new features and functionality to it’s platform. It’s fantastic, and very welcome, but one of the most basic features that has been available for some time now still seems to often confuse and frustrate users: lead scoring.

For thos…

How List Views and Associated Cards Are Controlled in Salesforce1

One of the goals in delivering a version of a desktop application on a small form factor device is to maintain a minimalist design, which means not including any configuration or administrative capabilities on the device.

Within Salesforce1, users do not have the ability to directly select any…

Displaying HubSpot Buyer Persona Pictures in Salesforce

HubSpot’s buyer persona functionality is a very important addition to HubSpot’s inbound marketing software offering.

According to HubSpot, buyer personas are “semi-fictional representations of your customers, based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics,…

A Salesforce Web-to-Case Alternative With File Attachment Support

Salesforce Web-to-Case allows you to easily generate HTML that can be added to the support page on your website. However, a limitation of Web-to-Case is that it does not support file attachments.

Here’s an alternative approach that requires two reasonably priced third party apps and only point…

12 GoldMine to Salesforce Migration Considerations

As a mature product, GoldMine® is packed with features that many users have grown accustomed to over time.

Despite the fact that GoldMine has worked well for many years, people decide for a number of reasons to migrate their companies from GoldMine to Salesforce. One reason is to take advantag…

11 Salesforce Public Knowledge Base Setup Tips

Salesforce Public Knowledge Base Setup

With the Winter ’14 release, reduced the pricing for internal company use of Salesforce Knowledge. As of the release, Salesforce users no longer need a Knowledge User license to read Knowledge Articles. Customers now only need to pay an annual Knowledge User fee for users who need…

Salesforce Email-to-Case Setup

Salesforce Email to Case

If you get a lot of emails sent to your address and are currently managing customer issues via email folders and internal email distribution, Salesforce can help you to better manage the inbound and outbound flow of email communication related to these customer issues.


Content Marketing With Nolin LeChasseur


The following is the transcript from a recent episode of the CRM Talk podcast.

Steve Chipman: Welcome to CRM Talk, the show that brings you the latest in CRM and CRM related news and information. This is Steve Chipman, along with my co-host Sam Biardo. Today we’re joined by Nolin LeChasseur,…

Why Marketers Haven’t “Ruined” Podcasting… Yet

With Inbound 2013 coming up, the other day I was reminiscing about Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote at Inbound 2012, in which Gary proclaimed, “marketers ruin everything… we see something shiny, and we squeeze the f@#$%g s@#t out of…

9 HubSpot Salesforce Integration Best Practices

Here’s a general set of best practices for the HubSpot to Salesforce integration. Your specific business needs will ultimately determine the practices that are followed for your integration settings.
1. Limit the Number of HubSpot Contacts that Sync to Salesforce Based on Create Date
If your…

Dragon for Salesforce on iPad

Here’s a video demonstration of Dragon for Salesforce on an iPad. There’s a free Dragon app for both iPhone and iPad.

Mobile users can simply dictate notes into a mobile device and then attach these notes to a Salesforce object, such as a Contact, with just a few…

HubSpot Leads in Salesforce for iPad

Below is a video demonstration of HubSpot’s managed app for Salesforce running on Salesforce for iPad.  Salesforce for iPad takes advantage of elements such as stackable screens, which provide much better application for a user’s swiping interaction on an iPad vs. the clicking interaction of a…

9 Custom Salesforce Email Template Best Practices

It’s easy to set up a Salesforce email template in order to send mass emails to Leads and Contacts. However, since Salesforce has a limit of 1,000 emails per day, as well as a per send limit of 250 for Professional Edition and 500 for Enterprise Edition, this mass email capability is best suited to…

Using the Salesforce Asset Object vs. a Custom Object

CRM Customer Asset

Your company is a manufacturer or distributor and you want to track which of your customers own what products. What’s the best way to do this, using the out of the box Asset object, or creating your own custom object? The right answer for your company depends on severa…

Salesforce Case Study – Software Reseller

PacifiCAD is an Autodesk Authorized Reseller based the Pacific Northwest.

The company had been using GoldMine for fourteen years, but found they needed easier end user access and better reporting than was available with GoldMine.

Salesforce was chosen to help streamline CRM access and…

Point of Sale Software Company Switches to Sage CRM

pcAmerica provides point of sale solutions to the retail and restaurant industry.

The company had been using GoldMine for fourteen years, but with high customer growth, pcAmerica reached a point at which it needed a more scalable database solution and one that could be more tailored to its…

Chromebooks vs. Tablets for Corporate Sales Teams

Chromebooks - Nothing but the web

Could Chromebooks be the sleeper device that IT managers have been waiting for?

Ever since laptop computers first became widely adopted within corporations, IT departments have been responsible for imaging machines, updating software and providing remote technical and application support to…

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