Google Apps for Work and Salesforce

Businesses everywhere want to reduce the amount of time that they spend supporting technology and maximize the amount of time dedicated to marketing, selling and supporting their product or service.

In the age of cloud computing, too many business are still bound to supporting desktop software and sub-optimal integrations between: CRM and email; CRM and cloud storage; and CRM and office productivity applications.

Having worked with many organizations ranging from small businesses to enterprises, we found that two specific applications that can dramatically reduce the time spent on end user support and that can increase end user productivity.

These applications are Salesforce and Google Apps for Work.

Born in the Cloud

What Google Apps and Salesforce have in common is that they were born as cloud solutions and therefore do not have any sort of client/server legacy, a legacy that for some vendors is a drag on innovation and scalability.

The continuous improvement and marketplace ubiquity associated with these vendors’ apps suggest that they should be on the short list for any size organization.

The blog posts on this site shed light on some of the ways in which these two cloud apps can be best leveraged either separately or in combination.

Cirrus Insight has redefined the way CRM can integrate with email and office productivity applications. Cirrus’s apps are the glue that ties Salesforce and Google Apps for Work together.

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