SageCRM 6.2 Beta Announced

With SageCRM 6.2 going into beta, the new features have been announced.  Here’s an overview:

Branding Toolkit

SageCRM will now include alternative themes.  Custom themes can also be created by customizing style sheets.

Related Entities

6.2 will allow for multiple reciprocal relationship types between primary entities, such as between holding company and subsidiary.  This will include many-to-many relationships between Companies and Opportunties.  This can all be viewed graphically.

Enhanced E-mail Editor

There will beenhanced e-mail formatting options, the ability to add tables, print and preview options as well as spell checking

Component Mangager Enhancements

This will allow for easier installation and update of custom components.

Address Links

Address links will give an overview of existing relationships between Companies, People and Addresses, and reduce the number of duplicate entries of addresses by allowing linking from the Address Links page.

Enhanced Outlook Integration

Version 6.2 will provide a newly designed Outlook plugin, the ability to define an alternate server name for HTTPS, enhanced conflict resolution and the ability to view skipped items.

Enhanced Wireless Mobile

There will be an improved UI on wireless devices

Other Features

Other new features include:

* Monthly calendar start date
* Recent list and Search Select Advance list size control
* Improved Report Designer screen layout
* Windows Server 2008 support
* Oracle 11g support
* .NET enhancements
* Full client support for Vista

Stay tuned for updates on the beta progress.

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