HubSpot Leads in Salesforce for iPad

Below is a video demonstration of HubSpot’s managed app for Salesforce running on Salesforce for iPad.  Salesforce for iPad takes advantage of elements such as stackable screens, which provide much better application for a user’s swiping interaction on an iPad vs. the clicking interaction of a… Sites Explained Sites provides an all-in-one method for creating database driven, standard Web pages.

What are “database driven” pages?  These are pages with a normal Web site look and feel, except that certain elements of the pages are retrieved from database tables rather than being maintained in… VAR Program Launches

Program for Resellers Announced has recently launched a new VAR program for  Read the full press release here.  Lexnet signed on as a charter partner along with a dozen other VARs.

Channel partners are now able to resell a cloud computing…

The Cloud: Providing Golden Opportunities

Can you save your company millions of dollars and two years in time-to-market on your next product? If you think it’s impossible, maybe you should look to the cloud.
While reading this article on the promise of cloud computing, one of the article’s examples really stood out to me.

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