Mobile CRM

How List Views and Associated Cards Are Controlled in Salesforce1

One of the goals in delivering a version of a desktop application on a small form factor device is to maintain a minimalist design, which means not including any configuration or administrative capabilities on the device.

Within Salesforce1, users do not have the ability to directly select any…

HubSpot Leads in Salesforce for iPad

Below is a video demonstration of HubSpot’s managed app for Salesforce running on Salesforce for iPad.  Salesforce for iPad takes advantage of elements such as stackable screens, which provide much better application for a user’s swiping interaction on an iPad vs. the clicking interaction of a…

Email Interview with Christopher Carfi

We’re starting a series of email interviews here at the Lexnet blog.  We’ll be talking to CRM, email marketing and inbound marketing experts to get insights on their respective industries.  Christopher Carfi, who has one of the top CRM blogs of 2008,  helps us to kick off the series.


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