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WordPress 2.8, WPMU, and the Future of WordPress with Matt Mullenweg


mullenweg-wpEven if you don’t know Matt Mullenweg by name, you almost certainly know his work. Matt (@photomatt on Twitter) is best known as the founding developer of WordPress, the world’s most widely used open source blogging tool. He is the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind,, and Gravatar.

Sean and Matt discuss the recent release of the much-anticipated WordPress 2.8 upgrade, including its new features and bugfixes, as well as the future for WordPress, WordPress Multiuser (WPMU) and Automattic.

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Hey Sean, great mini interview with Matt. It was nice to hear him say that if he had a billion dollars, he would love to do what he is doing today.

Just as a clarification though, Toni Schneider is the CEO if Automattic, not Matt. I believe Matt is the President and founder of Automattic.

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